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2008-09-23 04:10:14 by Shadow181

Unfortunately, things aren't going so well at the moment.
My latest flash game isn't working, I'm waiting for the staff to return my PMs.
The movie I was making for madness day wasn't finished, I didn't start early enough, maybe ill get it done for next year.
And now I've got exams starting soon, so I've got to study hard.


2008-06-02 08:17:08 by Shadow181

Don't know how many would've actually noticed. But I did submit the new game.
But it's not working right now, it doesnt seem to want to work.
Something about cross-domain...

Well anyway, I'm talking with NG staff and I'm going to find a way to fix it sometime.

Brand New Game

2008-04-16 23:53:39 by Shadow181

Hey people (don't know how many would actually check this).
Pretty soon, within the next few days (hopefully today though) I plan on releasing a game.
It's going to be really cool.

It's a game similar to DDR, but kind of different. You'll have to wait and see.

First Post

2007-11-23 19:31:08 by Shadow181

Hi people! I know that I don't submit much stuff, or very good stuff, to NG. But please understand that I did those things in a couple of days, just on the spur of the moment type stuff.

Well anyway, here's the deal. Me and some friends are working on a few games in flash, and we would like some people to help us out in making them.
Quite specifically we want some animators, who feel like they can use the given MCs to make a character move. A code guru would be nice, someone who could teach me more code when asked. Also we need some background artists, and foreground artists. At the moment we just have design artists and idea type people, I'm the only one working on the actual game...

If you wat to know more, or find out how you can join, or anything, please PM me or leave a comment.